Hardback. Deals with the outset of war, Dunkirk and lesser known operations leading to the Normandy Landings and beyond. Full of detail. Ref: MBB0016 Condition: Good £5
Hardback. All illustrations are of maps and original letters. A very interesting account from a politicians point of view. Good maps with plenty of detail. Ref: MBB0017 Condition: Good £5 Hardback with embossed cover. Written by the daughter of the British Embassador at the time. This is a detailed account of the struggle in the city. Ref: MBB0015 Condition: Good £10 Nos.Pages: 640 Photo/Illust: 3 Weight (g): 755 Size (cm):22x14.5 Nos.Pages: 917 Photo/Illust: 28 Weight (g): 990 Size (cm):22x14.5 Nos.Pages: 262 Photo/Illust: 0 Weight (g): 442 Size (cm):20x13.5
Hardback. A collectors item with fantastic full page colour plates. All pages intact and no damage. It does have the front cover inside upside down, rare! Published in 1923, Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York.       Ref: MBB0012 Condition: Good £55 Nos.Pages: Photo/Illust: Weight (g): 1027 Size (cm):24x19