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A study and comprehensive reference source into the history but mainly the details concerning the small World War Two tracked carrier. Fondly referred to as a “Bren Carrier”, volume 1 explores its development up to the Universal MkI model.
Volume 2 continues the study and looks at the Universal Carrier MkII and the carrier development through to the carriers designed during the war and built post war. Like volume 1 it is packed with photographs, diagrams and charts.
Volume 3 is the last in the series of my books on carriers. It deals with details and large scale plans not covered in the previous volumes. Carrier veteran stories are also included as well as existing carriers today. Volume 3 is made up of two separate issues, one in the previous book form but the other as a Drawing Archive to hold the drawings and make it easier to take them out to use/view. It will also allow drawings to be added to it.
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