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This is the first volume in my series of books on the Universal Carrier. It contains as much of the information as I could fit in that was obtained from my research in UK and Canada. I was determined to ensure all the small details that I discovered were published. Volume 1 covers the carrier development, from its conception to the Universal Carrier MkI, with chapters on the Dragons, Machine Gun Carriers, Bren and Universal, not to mention all their derivatives.
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Book Reference: UCv10001
Universal Carriers Vol.1 WATSON  BOOKS
There are also chapters dealing with carrier engines, weapons, communication equipment and construction. Packed with photographs that are new and unseen I hope it will be the sort of series which you read, put down and then pick up and read again, discovering and seeing new information each time. Study the photographs carefully as I discovered many interesting details when I did. I hope you enjoy the books. Nigel Watson